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eine malerei und eine skultptur in einer galerie


My work reflects the use of digital processes that have already fully been integrated in today’s society. Algorithms, binary codes, AIs, big data, and software on a broad variety of devices dominate our lives and hardly anyone can understand what cascades of processes are required in athe applications. I am particularly interested in approaching this field more closely, and reconquering and using it in a controlled manner, thus finally achieving an analogue transformation in painting, printed graphic work and sculpture.

Therefore, my work is anchored at the interface of digital and analogue art, without specifically being one or the other. The ongoing digitalisation of societal proces-ses and functions calls for an autonomous approach and makes a fully differentiated perspective impossible. Digital is analogue and analogue is digital.

I try to play with and manipulate the machine in such a way that the result serves as my formal tool for the aesthetic design of my pictorial worlds and their composition in the analogue process. The computergenerated outputs from a cornucopia of calculation processes are thus transferred and developed as an instrument for my design vocabulary. What emerges is a reciprocal interplay – of input and output – of output and input.

The feel and texture of the material affect the sterile computer-generated results and break up their cold stringency. Hierarchies are negated by painting over or consciously printing over forms in order to combine the digital and the analogue into one great whole.

Another essential element is the question in how far we already fully depend on the digital world and how we will deal with this in future. Conquering its functionality, together with its appropriation and disassociation, by means of the design language indicates a possibility for society to tackle this issue.

Based on this perspective, my work provides new opportunities for observation and reflection that are required in order to transfer analogue medial practices like painting, printed graphic work and sculpture which have grown over centuries to a digital age.


Christian Murzek
Arnezhoferstraße 11/22-23
1020 Wien, Austria